Roundup of Women & Leadership Links!

When Will We Overcome the Gender Ambition Gap? When Women Strategically Invest In Each Other’s Economic and Political Succes – Forbes

For significant numbers of women to break through to the next levels of influence, affluence and yes, POWER, we need to take a leap that too many women are reluctant to risk. I’m talking about actively and strategically asking one another for the financial and professional support we need.  And remember: it’s a two-way street. We also have to be willing and savvy enough to LEVERAGE our personal and professional networks to help each other.

During an unprecedented panel discussion on women’s leadership at last month’s World Economic Forum, Sandberg told the gathered world leaders, “Little girls are called bossy …  But I challenge you to find someone calling a little boy bossy. You won’t see it.  They’re not ‘bossy.’ That’s the natural order of things.”Kathleen Ligocki, CEO of Next Autoworks put it like this: “We’ve been taught not to ASK for what we want. If women had to do all the asking for dates, we’d stay home a lot.”


Remixing Ireland’s Gender Blend – New York Times
Many Irish commentators and ordinary people have said the meltdown that began in 2009, when the Irish property bubble burst, leading to more than 14 percent unemployment and a national debt of €120 billion, or $159 billion — an almost cartoonishly large sum for a nation of 4.6 million people — was the result of political and financial cronyism in a country where men have always controlled power and there are fewer female lawmakers than in Angola or Pakistan.

So feminists are jubilant that the Fine Gael-Labor coalition government (Ms. Lynch is a member of the Labor Party) has introduced legislation requiring all political parties to ensure women make up 30 percent of candidates in the next general election, offering perhaps a first chance at reshaping Ireland’s heavily masculine political landscape.

At the Dublin Castle event, The Irish Times reported, Mary Lou McDonald, the Sinn Fein deputy leader, said: “We have a problem with our political culture, and it’s very deep-seated, because the assumption is that men ‘do’ power,” that “power is a masculine thing.”


Are Mexican Voters Ready For Their First Presidenta? – Forbes
“I am going to be the first woman president in [Mexican] history,” Josefina Vázquez Mota announced last night upon winning the presidential nomination of the ruling National Action Party (PAN). Notably, (1) she is the first woman candidate to run on a major political party in Mexico; and (2) in her speech, she used the female form of the word: presidenta.


Kim’s Corner: MidEast Women Are Rising, Ready to Connect – Peace X Peace
The good news is that there is a lot happening in the region, and much of which we may not be aware. About 75% of all university students in the UAE are women, showing their hunger not only for education but for stepping forward into good jobs and positions of leadership. While men are still in many of the most prominent leadership positions (UAE is a patronage society run by the Sheikhs [and Shaikhas]), women have been moving into leadership positions in many ways. We spoke with women who head their own multi-national companies, professors at universities, journalists, authors, social entrepreneurs, and bankers. A number of women hold ministerial positions, such as Shaikha Lubna, the Minister for Foreign Trade. And, while many women don’t work because the government provides funds to all Emiratis at birth, marriage, and the birth of each child, others are seizing the opportunities for training, education, and leadership.


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