Women LEAD Celebrates International Women’s Day!

In honor of International Women’s Day we will be posting daily profiles of amazing women who have impacted our lives.

This first profile is submitted by Jess, one of our international volunteers.

The woman I remember most in my life as being the most influential and inspirational is my high school art teacher, Mrs. Toni Mauro.  Her background is one of traveling and living life each day to the fullest.  As a high school art teacher she led students to believe in who they are and in their talents.  As a person, she was a mentor and friend to me and many other students who enjoyed staying behind in class and chatting with her after school.  I remember her always telling us that we can make our dreams happen if we just work hard and never give up.  Today, I am making my dreams come true.  Every day I am reminded that it was through her support and words of empowerment that I hold near to me and still can hear when I think of her.  One day I will be a mentor like Toni, inspiring others and empowering them to be their best and believe in their talents.


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