Sophiya’s Inspiration: Jhamak Kumari Ghimire

Sophiya is one of our Women LEAD interns.

The woman that inspires me the most to follow my dreams is Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, a Nepali writer. Born with several physical disabilities and cerebral palsy, she writes with her left foot. She can hear but cannot speak and has never obtained any formal education. Despite these challenges, she has written several collections of poems, songs, stories and was recently awarded with the most prestigious literary award in Nepal, the Madan Puraskar for her autobiographical essay, “Jiban Kanda Ki Phool” (Is life a thorn or a flower?).  Acknowledged -nationally and internationally- not just because she writes with her feet but because of her effective and efficient writing, she provides the insight that you can change your biggest weakness into your strength and achieve your dreams. For me, she is a paradigm of ‘impossible is nothing’.  She makes me believe- Yes I can and will live my dreams!



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