Sonu’s Inspiration: Shanta Maya Shakya

Sonu is our Program Manager.

Everyone has their own inspirational figures. In the same way, in my life, I have a role model, a great woman who not only inspires me but also directs me to the right path. I give her full credit for who I am today. She is none other than my Mom. Her name is Shanta Maya Shakya. She was born in Chitwan and at the age of 16, she got married to a man from Kathmandu. Having come from a rural area, she faced a lot of challenges in her life adjusting to the city environment, completely different from her own environment, and having to cope with new customs and traditions at such an early age. In spite of this, today she is a leader not only in her house but also in our community and society. Her leadership has always inspired me to come out and lead. She raised five children (four daughters and a son) with care and nurtured each one affectionately into principled individuals able to live in a dignified way. She always said, “I’m proud to have daughters who are so admirable”. It is through her that I learned to be proud to be a girl.


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