Rajina’s Inspiration: Parijat

Rajina is a Women LEAD Intern.

The woman I most respect and get inspired from is Parijat. Born with the original name Bishnu Kumari Waiba, she later changed to Parijat, the name of a flower. She was physically handicapped, but achieved greater things in life than other healthy people could. Being a woman in a highly male dominated society is itself a challenge, and it only gets harder when you are a pioneer. Getting out of the typical literature, she is one of the women who started portraying women’s sexual psychology through her writings. An author of a total of 21 published books, she didn’t have a tough childhood, but lost her mother when still young. After getting paralyzed at the age of 26, she lived with her sister, and never married. Although her life seems lonely, with few friends and family, she learned to live through her dreams, poems and stories. Her zeal and determination inspires me. She was in physical pain, which she depicted through most of her writings, but she never gave up and I truly respect her for that.


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