Aishwarya’s Inspiration: Pooja Rani Singh

Aishwarya is a School Leadership Fellow.

If it were not my mom I would not be here, if it were not here I would not be who I am today. My mom is my inspiration and my angel. She is the one who has taught me to dream big and forge my own path. Every single day I wake up with new zeal and enthusiasm because I know that the morning glory is going to bestow a fresh start in my life with the blessing and unbreakable support from my mother. No matter what hard times she has had to go through, I have always seen her be patient, hopeful and enjoying life, overcoming every setback that life puts in her way. It is through her own example that today I know what the real meaning of life is and how I can make it fair enough to live for myself. My mom, who loves gardening, is similar to those beautiful blooming flowers, always making me happy and filling me with the passion to dream big. She is passionate about gaining knowledge. She has dedicated her life to bringing up her two children, letting go of her own dreams. Nevertheless, she sees her dream being accomplished through our eyes and gains divine happiness and contentment. Thank you Mom for teaching me to become a real human being.


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