Sharmila’s Inspiration: Meena Kumari Dhungana

Meena Kumari Dhungana is not a film star, nor a renowned businesswoman, doctor or singer. In fact, the people who know her are just those within her own circle: friends, family and relatives. But to me, she is the biggest of celebrities, my grandmother, my role model and my utmost source of inspiration. I spent most of childhood under her protective wings and now as I grow up, her guidance and support continues to shelter me.

In all these seventeen years of my life, I have looked up to her as a kind, optimistic and soft spoken person, always true to herself and with a good at heart. Her innocence, charm and sincerity stirs me everyday. A strong follower of God, she believes love can conquer even the most violent of wars. These qualities have played an influential role in my life. When I was a kid, I remember running into her arms at times of confusion or anger. The warmth and security I felt within her embrace was enough to melt all those hard feelings inside me. Even now, during times when I feel low, I am reminded of her optimistic temperament and it urges me to move forward with much more enthusiasm and hope for the future. I am truly proud to have such a wonderful grandmother to whom I can trust my feelings and look upon at times of greatest need. She is the most valuable jewel I possess and the lessons she continues to teach me are the greatest help to understand life in a better and wiser way.


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