LEAD Action of the week: Find out who your representative is.

We’re launching a weekly call to action to support women’s leadership, and we hope you join us!

It’s one small step per week that you can take to help create a culture that nurtures and supports women leaders.

This week, we’re inspired by Miss Representation’s call to “Vote, Support and Elect”. Although their campaign is US-centric, we want all of you across the globe to participate.

Miss Representation calls for you to:

– find the female candidates running in your district and learn about their value systems. Ask questions like, will they make women and girls a priority if elected? Are they going to work to ensure women have equal opportunities in the workplace? These are, of course, the same questions we can and should ask of all male candidates running for office this year and in the future.

– reach out to a young woman you care about – a daughter, a niece, a mentee – and encourage her to read up on the issues and participate in Elect Women 2012. Without support and encouragement, most young women don’t see themselves as active change agents in their communities. Remind them that their voice counts.

We know there are many elections taking place this year, not only in the US but also in many other countries, such as France, the Dominican Republic, Ghana and Serbia, just to name a few.

Our LEAD action of the week is to find out who your representative is, be aware of when elections are coming up, and register to vote! It is imperative to use the political voice at your disposal to learn more about the issues affecting your community and nation and to be able to support female candidates.

Let us know in the comments: is there an election coming up in your country, town, state? Are you going to vote?


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