Women LEAD Photoshoot with Ewen Bell

We teamed up with photographer Ewen Bell to show the many different, and wonderful, girls who participate in Women LEAD.

The background theme to the images was for each girl to bring an object that represents either their past or future, but with a view to how it effects their life today. We met at a former colonial residence that now cultivates flowers for sale in Kathmandu, and at the flower house we spent a few hours posing and shooting.

Here are a few of the photos taken that day. To see all the pictures, please click here.


Urusha and her rubik cubes.

Complicated rubik cubes for her meant women who have numerous roles and responsibilities to fulfill; career and household ones, yet manage to life a colorful life, smiling and spreading joy.


Rajina & the peacock’s feather.
The peacock has the most elaborate and beautiful feathers, all over. All that beauty and yet every time he sees his feet he cries because they are so ugly. Her mother gave her a peacocks feather to remind her not to waste time focusing on one little flaw, but enjoy the beauty of life.


Urusha & her colors.
For her choosing colors were like making crucial decisions in life that Women LEAD had aided her to make.
Dipeeka and the candle.
The candle is an example of a women unaware of its potential until it is lighted. It signifies that a single candle has the capacity to remove the darkness and light the future. Just like a candle never loses anything by lighting another candle,  Women LEAD helps ignite the fire of positive change in each of us so that we can build a bright future for our country.


Shruti and her pen.
Symbol of education, and I’m proud to be an educated girl. In Nepal always the parents give girls the house to clean, but my parents gave me a pen instead.


Menuka with a blank paper.

She brought a blank paper to symbolize the change of her perception. Before Women LEAD, she thought that society and family dictated what women would do. But she now realizes that women’s life is like a blank paper and she herself chooses what to make of it.


Ipsa, with a mirror.

She believes that each time she sees herself into the mirror, she realizes that the only person she needs to be accountable to, is herself, not the society or anyone else.


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