Action of the Week: Get Advice!

Whether you’re graduating from high school, university, starting a new job or staying in your current job, you must constantly evaluate where you are in your career plan. Where are you going to be in the next year? 3 years? 5 years?

Though these questions seem intimidating and almost impossible to answer, remember that you are not alone.

The action of the week is to get advice. Whatever career path you’re on or thinking of going on, there are women who have walked the path before you. You can ask them questions about their position, how they got there, and the ins and outs of their industry. Though your situation is undoubtedly unique (you have your own talents, strengths and weaknesses), you could greatly benefit from asking a more experienced woman about her path.

So who do you ask? It can be difficult (and awkward) finding a mentor. This action of the week calls for you to take baby steps towards the bigger goal of finding a mentor.

You can:

1. Subscribe to career websites geared towards young professional women, such as Forbes Women, Levo League and The Daily Muse.

2. Attend conferences and networking events: this is often the best way to get advice. Listening to female leaders talk about their path to success often uncovers nuggets of wisdom that are applicable to your life.

3. Ask your mom, friends and networks if they know of a woman in your desired industry that you can talk to. Tell them why you would like to speak to this person, and ask them to connect you.

Good luck! Let us know what steps you’re taking this week to get advice.


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