Introducing the Inspiring Nepalese Women Blog Series!

Nepal is on the brink.

With just 45 days left before the May 27th deadline, the tension and anticipation for Nepal’s new constitution is palpable. As the nation celebrates the start of the new Nepali year 2069 with extended family gatherings and Bisket Jatra, all eyes remain fixed on another new start: the new constitution.

In these next weeks as expectations escalate, Women LEAD will join Nepal in reflecting on the past, celebrating the progress made, and imagining the future even as it is being written. We look to passionate, extraordinary women and girls to inspire us in the midst of this significant period of anticipation.

We’re excited to share the legacies of women who have dedicated their lives to securing the future of girls in Nepal and highlighting the stories of a new generation of feminists who will determine the trajectory of the women’s rights movement in the years to come. We hope our Inspiring Nepalese Women blog series will inject optimism into this terse time and that their insights will provide you with a glimpse into a Nepal on the brink.


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