Meanwhile, In New York…


Our New York City Team, which just formed in June, has been off to a running start! We have welcomed several new members to the team, and are so excited to see more and more people interested in the Women LEAD cause.

One of the biggest projects our team has been working on is our ‘kickoff’ event in New York City—a networking/fundraising event on August 24th from 6-7pm. The gracious people at 121 Fulton St. have offered their venue us… a big shout out to them!

For those of you in New York, buy your tickets now!

Besides planning our big event, I attended a great event on August 2nd hosted by Disqus, where inspiring women and men converged for a discussion about online community engagement and management. This panel, aptly named ‘Strong Women Leading the Discussion’ was comprised of five superstars in the blogging and community management world:

  • Meghan Peters, Community Manager at
  • Cindy Au, Community Director at
  • Nina Yiamsamatha, Community & Marketing Associate at
  • Lyz Lenz, Digital and Social Media Strategist at
  • Tereza Nemessanyi, Founder/CEO at Honestly Now Inc

For those of you who, like me, are unfamiliar with community management, it basically means the moderation of ‘online communities’, which exist by way of blog comments, discussion boards, social media, etc.  This awesome panel shared some great pointers about maintaining an engaging online community..

–        Tereza pointed out that when women feel ‘safe’ in an online community, what tends to happen is that decisions are made quickly, and there is more progress occurring rapidly.

–        How can you create a community that is made out of various diverse groups and communities, sometimes people who are located across the globe? Cindy from Kickstarter suggested that the key is to finding shared experience.

–        An online community is more than just “a list of comments”. True online community engagement occurs when individuals interact with each other, whether good or bad. Another panel member asserted that strong communities will “naturally self-police”, i.e. calling out those internet ‘trolls’.

This made me start thinking about Women LEAD, and how our volunteers, supporters, and LEADers are found all across the globe. Perhaps one way we can strengthen our bond is by becoming more engaged in the online community here on the Women LEAD blog. So I leave a question for you…

 How do you think we can grow and continue our online community of Women LEADers? What is our shared experience that brings us together?

Until next time,

NYC Team Leader


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