Fight Back: Menuka, a 2011 LEADer, attends a Self Defense Workshop!

Fight Back

Menuka, one of our 2011 LEADers and interns, attended a Self Defense workshop last Sunday!

On December 2, SMASH, in collaboration with Partran Nepal, organized a workshop to teach young women how to defend themselves against various aspects of crime, which included something as simple as purse snatching to being physically intimidated by a man. The workshop focused on ways to combat these acts of violence against women, as well as how to prevent them.

In regards to the workshop, Menuka said the following: “The thing I liked about this workshop was that it was based on the strength of women and how we women can ourselves protect us from future assault. In addition, I learned about different types of rapist and how to mind set ourselves. The quotation which I liked most was ‘Be afraid of fear nothing else than that.’ Because of the fear inside us we are afraid to think positive and set our mind about positive outcome. The demo given by a trainer and his women assistant was the best part. The women showed us how to protect ourselves and mentioned that fight back is not about fighting with the person but finding a way to escape from the situation. That woman really inspired me to fight against cat calling too. At the end we also got a chance to learn some self defense moves which was really easy and effective also. As a whole, it was a good way to spend Saturday and learn new thing.”


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