Celebrating Christmas with Women LEAD in Nepal!


We celebrated Christmas in our new office in Nepal with alumni and their mentors. Our Fellow Menuka describes our celebration, which included a gingerbread house competition and gift exchange!

Women LEAD celebrated its first Christmas party in our office. Though the concept of Christmas is new to Nepalese culture, people are enjoying to learn more about it. It was not just a celebration but also a gathering of our alumni and the mentors. Lots of alumni of past years and this year showed up. There was an arrangement of foods, drinks, music and many more activities. Girls were wearing Santa Clause’s hat and wishing each other “Merry Christmas”. Claire brought all her Christmas fun in the office: gingerbread house, gift exchange and decorating rooms and trees. Everybody had fun during the gingerbread house competition. Since it was a new concept most of the participants were confused but at the end everybody managed to make their gingerbread house. Everyone was busy making cookies, decorating rooms and candles, making cards and enjoying each other’s company. The gift exchange was the most fun. It was also a new thing for us so everyone was excited and stealing other people’s gift was the most exciting. The whole office was filled with the aroma of Christmas and we all had a good time.


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