January 22nd Google Workshop



Women LEAD organized a session on January 22nd for high school and undergraduate students on the Internet and its better uses. The purpose of the workshop was to provide simple tools to use the internet and get the best out of it. The session was led by Rajina Shrestha, a 2010 LEADer and the Google Student Ambassador for her college. It was an open event in Kathmandu held inside Women LEAD office and training room. There were 17 participants in the four hour long event, from seven different colleges/NGOs. The event
was followed by a two week long blogging competition.

The workshop started with a general introduction to the widespread use of the Internet in the world, South Asia, and Nepal. It then progressed to the concept of free and open internet, power searching, social media and its impact on daily and professional life. Participants learned about Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, YouTube and blogging.

The girls in the Development track were specifically guided to make a blog representing the organization they are interning in and were given tips and skills on using social media for campaigns or organizations.

The event was then followed by a two week long blogging competition. The competition was divided into three sections of personal, professional and video/photography blogs. After being republished in the central blog, http://ktmblogcomp.blogspot.com, a winner from each category among 14 entries was decided.


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