Updates on the Development Track


Ishwori, one of the 2012 LEADers on the Development Track, is interning at Rasksha Nepal. She recently led a workshop on women’s rights for the women there.

Raksha Nepal has been working for girls, women and their children who are sexually exploited since 2004. Raksha Nepal has been running a non-formal education school for the women, where about 300 come and study.

This was a good opportunity for me to teach and share the knowledge I gained from Women LEAD with these women. I led a 1 hour class in different groups and shared about human rights, women’s rights and children’s rights. I talked about the responsiblities that all human beings share and must follow.

I found that some women were not aware of their rights or how to access those rights. During and after the lecture, many women were asking questions, and some of them also shared their feelings and experiences with me.

I am very pleased to have done the workshop because I felt that the women I was teaching were very happy to gain new knowledge and awareness about human rights. It’s also great that I could shed some light into others’ lives with the knowledge that I am grateful to have  gained from Women LEAD.


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