Spotlight on Abita Karki, a 2012 LEADer!


Abita Karki is a 2012 LEADer on the Development track. She has been interning at Burn Violence Survivor Nepal (BVS- Nepal) since November 2012. We asked her a few questions about her internship experience:

What has been your biggest achievement since you started your internship at BVS Nepal?

The organization organized two street dramas in December, and I needed to create 15 questions in Nepal and 15 questions in English for the students to see if they understood the dramas. This was a very new experience for me because I needed to created questions related to Burn Violence, which I knew little about. Not only that, but at the end of the drama, we had to collect 600 forms and tally all the forms. This was very hard for me but I overcame the challenge, doing my best and doing it on time.

How do your parents feel about your internship at BVS Nepal?

They are happy. Every time I gain new experiences at BVS Nepal I share it with my parents first, and after they are happy and proudly say: “now my daughter knows many things that we don’t know. We’re glad Women LEAD is giving my daughter these opportunities”. 

Do you feel any changes in your life after the internship?

Yes, before I was afraid to see small injuries but now after visiting Kanti hospital and seeing Burn Violence survivors, I have overcome my fear.


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