Storytelling Workshop: “Minu’s Little Brother”, by Shrinkhala

Minu was a girl born in a very happy and prosperous family in Kathmandu. From outside it actually looked like a perfect family. The children had received a very good education and their needs were being fulfilled by their parents even though they had had to take out a few loans. Minu was very close with her sisters and her younger brother, Karan. Just like best friends they used to share everything. But Karan was a bit different. There may be no one else in the world like him. Sometimes he would be so good but sometimes he would get out of control. When Karan was in a good mood, he would always be chatting and laughing with his sisters. When he was in a bad mood for no good reason he would make his sisters cry.

It was Sunday, Minu’s birthday. She was very happy that day because she was turning 15 years old. That day she had a holiday. Karan, who was just 20 months younger than her, was also at home. No one else was around. Minu and Karan were watching T.V. Minu asked Karan to change the channel but he refused, saying,

“No, I don’t want to watch any other channel.”                                

“Oh please. I just want to watch a film. Today’s my birthday at least you could do me a favor today.” Minu replied. They started arguing and Karan got so angry that he hit his sister and shouted “Just get out of the room”.

Minu burst into tears. It was not the first time her brother had been mean to her.  Previously they had only had arguments but that day he had beaten her. She cried so much that she was sick the next day. She always wondered,

“What bad deed have I done in my past life to have to suffer in this way? It must be that I have done good deeds as well because I was born into a good family but I may have done something wrong too.”

 It was some days later when Minu went to Karan’s room. Karan was using the laptop.

“Karan, could you let me use the laptop? I have to submit my project work.” Minu asked.

Karan looked annoyed, “So what? I am using the internet. Do your work later.”

“But I have to do it now. Oh please, please, please, please.”

Since Minu had to use the laptop, she bribed her brother, giving him Rs.50.

“Ok,” Karan said grudgingly, “You can use the laptop for 6 hours. But after that you have to leave. I am sure you will finish it by then.”

“What is wrong with Karan” Minu muttered, talking to herself, “When he was small he used to ask for chocolate for Rs.1, Rs.2 but now even Rs. 50 is not enough for him.”

As time went by Karan got more and more demanding and selfish. If he did not get what he wanted, he would go wild with anger.

He even used to use his hand on his mother. At times, in rage she used to wish that she had never given birth to him. In fact, she had always wanted a son. She kept having children until her son came along, the youngest of four daughters.  Who would have thought that later on, her son would be the one to give her so much misery.

Days went by but nothing was done about Karan. He was helpful at times but he also caused a lot of trouble. He enjoyed irritating Minu and his eldest sister the most. At home, everyone was fed up of him.

His parents could not control him at all. The time came for the two eldest sisters to get married and the other sister went abroad for further study.

After they left things were very different. Karan acted as though he was the king of the house. Minu knew that if she did everything Karan ordered her to do, it would only make him dependant. She refused to do the small things which Karan could do for himself.

Then one day, on a stormy night, Karan rode his bike to his friend’s house. On his way back he got into an accident and was seriously injured. So, he was rushed to the hospital.

At home, the phone rang: tring tring!

Dad: Hello!

A girl: Is this Karan’s home?

Dad: Yes, I am his father.

Girl: I’m speaking from Bir Hospital. Karan has been injured in an accident. Please come to the hospital right away.

(Hangs up the phone)

After awhile in the hospital…

Mom had been very worried, “Karan, I told you not to ride your bike in full speed on such a stormy night. Look, what has happened to you. When will you ever listen to us?”

 “Don’t worry mom, he will be alright.” Minu said, comforting her mother.

The doctor said that he would be discharged the next day. But he needs a lot of rest, at least for 2 months.

After Karan went home he was taken really good care of by everyone. His sisters came to visit him frequently, so he got better very quickly.

Slowly Karan came to realise his duties and responsibilities towards his family. Before he was such a stubborn child and used to give so much trouble to his family but still their love towards him had not diminished at all. When he got into the accident, his family members were the ones who supported him the most, not his friends.

Karan had a lot of time to think about how he treated his family while he was recovering. He felt very guilty for all he had done. From then on he became a very good and obedient son and also a sweet and caring brother. He never spoke cruely to his sisters again.

Minu was also so happy that the devil inside her brother had finally left him.





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