Menuka leads a session on time management!


Written by Menuka, 2012 Fellow.

Women LEAD in corporation with Karkhana ran a Women in Technology workshop where female Bachelor students were given training on robotics and leadership. During the workshop, I ran a Time Management session with 7 of the girls. The girls thought that they were not good in time management and wanted me to give them some tips regarding it. During the session, I gave them tips about time management and led a discussion.

No one can give you the top 10 tips to improve time management that will enable you to be perfect at managing your time. It’s something that comes with time. People tend to hide their problems; in the session we all talked about our problems with managing our time. I asked different questions to them about their daily life and told them to rate how often they manage their time well. Some of them said that they always meet deadlines whereas other people said that they always ask for extensions. Instead of me giving them suggestions, I asked one of the girls how she meets her deadlines, so she could share some suggestions with the other girls too. Most of the girls said that they are lazy about managing their time for studying and always procrastinate on their assignments. In order to overcome their procrastination, I told them that they should always think about the bad results that might happen if they don’t complete their assignments. The session went well and the girls felt motivated and better equipped afterwards to manage their time.


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