Career Counseling Session




Written by Menuka Gurung, 2012 Fellow

On May 18, Women LEAD organized a career counseling session for all our LEAD participants. Since they are done with high school, some of them had an idea about what they want to study and some of them were unsure about it. The career counseling was conducted to help our participants acknowledge their future goals and what we can do to help them achieve it. Most of our participants were from Management and Humanities background so all our speakers were related from those fields. Instead of having professional speakers, we called our Women LEAD alumni to speak about their study field because they shared their experiences as student perspectives and the girls were able to relate to them.

We had speakers from different fields like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), BBS, Chartered Accountant (CA), Development Study, IT and Bachelor in Social Work (BSW). All the speakers talked about their fields, why they choose their university and things to remember while applying for university. All the participants had a chance to talk with their interested field’s speaker one on one. Some of our participants are also planning to study abroad so we had our alumni who took a gap year and applied abroad to talk about it.

One of our participants Muskan is planning to study in US and since I also took a gap year to apply to universities in the US she asked me to help her out so that she can get into a good university. I suggested to her a few of the institutes where she can take preparation classes for SAT and TOEFL. I even gave her some useful resources from where she can do detailed research of universities in US.

All our speakers gave guidelines about necessary things and how they can make their gap year useful. It was an interactive session where the participants openly asked queries to the speakers.



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