I have within me the power and the strength to reach for the stars to change the world.




On  November 19, 2012 , I joined other young people from Nepal, Zambia and the Netherlands at UNICEF’s Symposium on the Future Challenges of Children’s Rights. We discussed challenges for the future of the rights of children: climate change and violence & abuse against children, and made recommendations through Skype, movie clips and  written statements. That night was the first time I personally identified my role as a youth who plays an equally important role in the development of my country. This was the day when I felt that my voice mattered and that my role could be significant for the betterment of my society and nation.

Prior to this experience, I had always felt that to do something I needed to reach somewhere, a realm where I have name and fame, but after that night I was proven wrong. Although I was just a bachelor’s first year student who was in the spotlight representing other Nepali youth, I was considered important and my ideas were considered important like anybody else’s.

Trust me on this- nothing gives you as much pride as being able to represent your country and doing something for its future. Believe me when I say that youth play an important role in the success of any development work. So consider yourself important and worthy!

That was a year ago. Now, I am yet again getting a chance to work on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to ensure its success, to stand up as a person who is aware of her role not only as a citizen of her country but also  a global citizen and most importantly as a GIRL!!

There are many sectors that MDG has worked upon and many still to be brought under limelight.

For me being a girl has been the best gift I could have gotten from God. But today as I sit here looking around the nook and corners of my society, when I hear stories of grief, tribulations and pain of many other girls around the world a chill passes through me and I rethink and question – Don’t those girls have the right to feel the same? Perhaps they have but deeply rooted norms of societies around the world have pushed away girls from feeling the way I feel. This is exactly when I have started to realize that being a girl I need to work for the rights of the other girls around the world too. So I am working for the Girl Declaration, to make it the center of the post-2015 development agenda. I am going to whatever it takes to disseminate the information as to why fighting for girl’s rights is important for family, for society, for the nation and for the entire globe.

This is the chance where all the youths can again unite as a stronger force to voice their opinions and to bring change, for youth have within them the power and the strength to reach for the stars to change the world. However, the POWER to bring the CHANGE comes when all our hands are joined together. I am ready to fight for the rights of the girls, are you?


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