Christmas at Women LEAD!



Written by Sushmita Shakya, Women LEAD Intern

The holiday of Christmas is celebrated every year, by different people from all around the world on the 25th of December. Christmas is celebrated because of the birth of Jesus on that very day.  Mostly people celebrate this festival by listening to jolly songs and singing Christmas carols. They decorate their houses and Christmas trees with beautiful lights, ornaments, toys, etc. The tree usually also has a star or an angel on op of it. The close ones like family and friends gather around and exchange gifts with each other. They all share a big meal together and rejoice in the holiday of Christmas.

 On the 21st of December 2013, the girls and some of the alumni all gathered up in the Women LEAD office to celebrate Christmas and along with them, they had all brought a gift for a game of ‘White Elephant’ which they would be playing later. The girls also participated in the game called ‘Photo Booth’ where they were given different props like moustache, glasses, etc and they had to click pictures using those objects. After both the games, music, and food the day was ended by another game of smashing the piñata where the first person who broke the clay pot which was used as a piñata would walk away with all the goods and sweets. Lots of laughter and fun was shared amongst all the girls, who at the end walked away with at least one gift in their hands to remind them of that day. 


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