Digitale Workshop


Written by Sushmita Shakya, Women LEAD Intern. 

On the 3rd December, I joined two other LEADers and Shilu Shakya to participate in a four-day digital video-making workshop. In the workshops, we had to write about either one of our real life experiences or create our own story. Then, we had to record what we had written, collect some pictures to go along with the script and make a short movie of about 1-2 minutes out of it all. The first day of the workshop was all about storytelling. The instructors also made us play a few games to get us in a story telling mood. The first game played was ‘The match stick game’ where we had to say why we were in the workshop and what we wanted to learn from it while a match stick was still alight in our hands and we had to finish speaking before it burned out. The second game was the one where all the participants had to speak only two sentences, in turns, and form a story out of it.

The rest of the three days were spent recording the scripts, collecting pictures, making the videos and editing them. We recorded each of our written scripts separately and worked on our videos. The editing part of the workshop proved to be the toughest for us girls because of the professional technology, which was being used to edit the movies.

 The Digitale workshop was a fun experience for us, where we got to make a movie based on our own lives. Choosing the stories was difficult but the workshop was worth it. Along with the chance of making a movie, we also met many new interesting people, without whom it would not have been as much fun as it was.

After the Digitale workshop, we further got a chance to polish our video making skills through the competition Let Girls Lead. In this competition, what we had to do was record a video of each girl, who will be telling about themselves and how they have changed from a normal girl to a leader. And after shooting the videos and editing them, we sent them to the Let Girls Lead’s website so that we could officially enter the competition. This was a very big opportunity for us girls where we could tell the world about our self-development and leadership skills.    


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