Valentine’s Day at Women LEAD


Written by Sushmita Shakya

On the 14th of February, people share their love for the ones they care about. This year, the girls of Women LEAD Nepal celebrated the day of love at the Women LEAD office by focusing on loving themselves! The girls decorated the office with red hearts and balloons for the occasion.

A special guest, Tanuja, was called into the office from a beauty parlor named New Creation Salon. Tanuja likes to be known as an social entrepreneur rather than a beautician. Along with her parlor, she works with sex workers in the Kathmandu valley to provide them with beauty training. In the office, she taught everyone how to take care of their skin and what products to use according to one’s skin tone and type. The LEADers also learned how to make face packs out of the food grains available in everyone’s home , showing us that we don’t have to go to a parlor if we want a facial! There was also a small competition held by Tanuja, where the girls were paired up in twos and one of them had to style the hair of the other. The hair designs had to be created by themselves on the spot. Everyone got to work with their own unique hairstyle ideas and in the end, Sangeeta Dongol, one the 2013 LEADers, was announced as the winner and she won a free beauty treatment at Tanuja’s own beauty salon.

Next, the girls all made cards for themselves where they wrote the things that they liked or loved about themselves the most. The cards were made so that everyone could learn to appreciate themselves more and realize how special they are. The girls were all enjoying the day and dancing to the music while eating the snacks provided, including a heart shaped chocolate cake and cupcakes for the girls, which were eaten within a few minutes! After a happy day of celebration, the girls left with a rose and a card as a memory of the day.


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