Profile of LEADer Shrinkhala




A sweet girl who doesn’t speak much is the first impression people get of Shrinkhala Shakya. Shrinkhala is currently studying in Delhi, under the Indian Board to become a Chartered Accountant. Life is busy for her in this new country where she has to rush from one class to another according to the cramped time period provided by her teachers.

Shrinkhala wanted to study management from the very beginning. “In the past, people thought that being a doctor was the best occupational status and were always impressed when you told them that you were a doctor and just like that I think, CA is the most reputed profession in today’s Nepal and that is why I want to become one. ”

Shrinkhala came to know about Women LEAD through her college. ” I first saw the Women LEAD brochure when one of my seniors Aishwarya Singh Thakuri came in to the college and told us girls about the organization. She was very confident when she was speaking to us and I was very much influenced by that. So, afterwards when I got home I looked through the Women LEAD website and decided to join. And I am very happy that I was selected!”.

She finds Women LEAD to be a very friendly place and says, ” Unlike other places, here the trainers and trainees are not indifferent to each other. They all care about each other a lot and the seniors don’t boss people around, they act as if we are all friends. Women LEAD is like a big family and that is what I like the most about this place.”

When asked about what is the most important thing that Women LEAD has taught her, she proudly said that, ” The most important thing which the organization has taught me is that whenever there is a chance to do good, I should not wait for others to start but just do it myself. I should not back down or shy away when I have the opportunity to be helpful.” And she also adds that she is now more outspoken and confident because of Women LEAD. And the fact that she travelled to India and now is studying there without the guidance of an elder proves the rise in the level of her confidence.

“I want to concentrate on my studies and become a CA first before starting on anything else.” she says. Shrinkhala’s biggest dream right now is to become a CA and come back to Nepal so that she can work in a government office and improve the tax payment system in Nepal. “I feel Nepal is like a ill country right now which has been infected by corruption and I want to treat this illness and turn it in to a healthy country. That is why I plan to come back to my own country once my studies are over.”

“If I hadn’t joined the LEAD course then this thought of doing better for my country wouldn’t have occurred to me. Women LEAD has made me want to do something for Nepal and bring a change in it for the better and I really want to thank the organization for this and everything else which it has been able to do.”


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