Spotlight on 2010 LEADer Akshyeta


Written by Sushmita Shakya, Women LEAD Intern

Akshyeta is a girl with a very unique laugh: when she laughs, people can’t help it but laugh along with her. She is part of the 2010 batch of leaders at Women LEAD, which makes her one of the seniors in the Women LEAD family. Since she completed her two weeklong training on leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy and development she has been working hard to pursue her dream to become a dentist. Currently she is studying in People’s Dental Campus in Nepal.

“When I first heard of Women LEAD Nepal, it was in my college and I found the name itself to be very intriguing”, says Akshyeta when asked about why she decided to join the training. “I wanted to participate in the training from the very beginning and when all my friends agreed, we all decided to apply together. After the selection rounds, me and three of my friends were chosen for the training sessions.”

She adds that Women LEAD is a great place to learn new things and meet new people. “One of the things which I love about the organization is that our ideas and views are appreciated here. People here will make time and listen to your ideas even though they might not work out at the end. When you do have such an idea, you can act upon it yourself, you don’t have to wait for someone else to start it for you. If you have the confidence, then WomenL EAD gives you the freedom to act on what you think is right.

One of the biggest lessons which Women LEAD has taught me is that you don’t need to be old or an adult to do something correctly. We might fail at first but we will eventually succeed”.

And when asked, what the biggest change she saw in herself after WomenLEAD, she boldly answered: “After Women LEAD, I have become a whole lot more confident in public speaking. Before I used to worry about how I was speaking or if I would say something wrong on stage but now I have the confidence to face the mass without those fears and I can interact with the audience very comfortably.” She adds: ” I have also discovered many of my capabilities after coming here, like my decision making skills. For example, if in school we are working in groups, I can take the initiative now and decide how we can complete our assigned project. ”

“In the future I would love to work with Women LEAD and provide dental facilities to the people living in the rural areas of Nepal. I would like to take help from the organization and travel through various villages and give people free dental check-ups and inform them about oral health and how important it is.” Akshyeta believes that the people in Nepal are ignorant about their oral health and only come to the doctors when they are in severe pain, so she wants to create a change to this habit and make people more cautious about their teeth and gums.

Akshyeta, is also working on her Hollaback Kathmandu campaign and is visiting many colleges to conduct an interaction program with the students on street harassment and why it is a very serious problem in Nepal. The students are made aware of what street harassment is and how one should deal with it. The students also share stories of what they have faced on the streets and how they reacted,  with their friends suggesting ideas of what should be done to stop the harassment. ” Conducting the Hollaback Kathmandu campaign wouldn’t have been possible without Women LEAD and all the resources that it has provided. I would like to be a part of more campaigns and programs like this in the future as well, this way I can slowly bring a change in my community and eventually Nepal.”




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