Spotlight on 2013 LEADer Anoushka

2013 LEADer Anoushka

As Anoushka walks in, she flashes a beautiful smile and exudes confidence. She may have just finished high school but she is no ordinary teenager. Of course she likes to do all the things that a nineteen year old would like to do, but she also holds a very unique dream that is so admirable for someone her age. When asked about what her career goal is, she boldly says, “I want to study agricultural science.” In this generation, when most youngsters are swayed into taking common subjects, this reply is bound to throw you off for a second.

When asked why she chose a career so rare, she says, “My grandfather was a veterinary doctor. He was the first person who introduced the Rabies Vaccination in Nepal. I want to continue that family legacy and follow his footsteps.” She happily adds, “And of course it is a noble cause and feeds the world.”

Anoushka Panday is a 2013 LEADer who is eagerly waiting to be enrolled at HICAST -College of Agriculture Sciences and Technology. One can’t help but admire her for being so courageous to follow a career path that is unique and uncommon. Anoushka also loves to doodle, play the piano and write blogs.

“One of the biggest lessons Women LEAD has taught me is to be real”, she remarks. “Women LEAD is an incredible platform for young girls who aim to be powerful leaders of tomorrow. We have a strong network of women who are doing phenomenal work around. Whenever we go to some place and say we’re from Women LEAD, people take you seriously”, she says.

When asked about her experiences with the School Leadership Training, she recalls it being a hectic but fun experience. “Being a part of the SLT program improved my communication skills and taught me to be patient too. Before the program, I wasn’t professional enough, but in the SLT program, we had to take control of all the finances as well as handle the whole program too. It greatly developed my professional skills at a very early age.”

Anoushka has deep respect towards her mother and aspires to be like her when she grows up. When she was eight, she underwent an open heart surgery which was very challenging. She recalls, “There weren’t a lot of private hospitals those days and it was really hard to get an appointment. Adding to that, my surgery was a very complicated one which required intensive care even after the surgery. It was my mum who took great care of me, balanced her work and took care of our home as well. She had so many responsibilities, but she fulfilled them all.”

After battling the surgery, Anoushka wanted to be a cardiologist to help children who have heart problems like her. Although her dream transformed with time, her core dream of helping children who have heart problems still remained unchanged. Today, she helps her mother, a social worker, to work for social causes like building a birthing center in a rural area of Nepal. Anoushka sets a fine example for the girls who want to walk the road less travelled.


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