Spotlight on WLIT LEADer Binisha


Uttering the word mathematics brings shudders to most people who struggled with high school algebra and geometry at school.  But for Binisha, it is just the opposite.  Binisha Shrestha is one of the members of the Women LEADers in Technology (WLIT). She just graduated from Advanced College of Engineering and Management with a major in computer engineering. It was a childhood dream come true for Binisha. As a child, she loved playing around with math and science quizzes and anything that involved logical reasoning. Binisha recalls, “I was a very curious kid. I loved fixing clocks and basically anything electronic.”

Binisha got introduced to Women LEAD through the WLIT workshop that was jointly organized by Karkhana.  When asked what she learned from Women LEAD, she explains, “Joining Women LEAD definitely polished my inter-personal skills and enhanced my communications skills. She goes on to stress that, “I learned the importance of me and the power that I have as a woman leader.” Binisha has enthusiastically participated in projects like the NASA Hackathon and is also currently working on similar projects.

She further explains, “Women LEAD has opened many doors for me. It is a nexus of all the other networks that I have today. It helps young girls to find their paths, to follow their passion and it is a great platform to brighten your future.”

Apart from the techy business, Binisha also deeply cares about women’s issues. She remarks, “I was the only girl out of a total of 39 students in my class. Being the only girl in my class, I constantly had to make an effort to speak up and get my voice heard. Some boys would tell that it was no use studying for me as I would eventually end up being a housewife. I wanted to change their mentality and prove them wrong.”

“Women LEAD has played a great role in developing my personality. Today, I feel like a leader”, she says. In the near future, Binisha envisions herself as a successful software developer. She believes that “technical education is not just for the boys. If you have the interest, then women are also equally capable of excelling in this field.”


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