LEADer Pratiksha

“I just published my first internationally viewed blog”, says Pratiksha, beaming with happiness. Nineteen year old Pratiksha is currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Social Work at St. Xavier’s College. Despite her busy college schedule, Pratiksha also finds time to intern at a social organization called Women for Human Rights (WHR). She frequently writes blogs for them and feels proud to have recently written a blog that gained popularity. The blog was about a transitional journey of a woman from being an unmarried woman, to a married woman and then a single woman and how the society’s perception towards a woman changes in these different phases. 

Pratiksha recalls, “I came to Women LEAD at a point when I was so frustrated with my decision of choosing to study management over humanities. Women LEAD has had a very big impact on me. I have learned how to maintain relationships and have inner confidence. Women LEAD has always stood by me in difficult times and helped me regain my self.” You can read Pratiksha’s blog athttp://womenforhumanrightsnepal.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/single-wome

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