Spotlight on 2014 LEADer Reeti KC


“Ever since I was a child, I was really interested in writing. I wanted to inspire people through my writing. I love writing about women’s issues such as women’s empowerment, women’s independence and I want to raise awareness to eradicate women’s problems”, says Reeti. 2014 LEADer Reeti KC is currently studying humanities in grade twelve at St. Mary’s High School. Reeti is also the Social Action Rep of the Media Misrepresentation Project and frequently writes articles, poems and blogs for them. Reeti plans to open up a media house in the future which will attempt to eradicate media misrepresentation. 

When asked about her learning experiences from Women LEAD, Reeti happily remarks, “We have a very friendly environment at Women LEAD. I have now started to speak up and I now feel comfortable while meeting new people. Women LEAD has taught me to be professional and how to deal with business associates in a professional manner. It has helped me build networks with inspiring projects like Media Misrepresentation. I did not know how to open up a blog but thanks to the blog workshop, I now have opened up my own blog”. She is grateful towards Women LEAD for equipping her with all the necessary elements that has helped her become a better LEADer. Reeti continues to write compelling stories, which you can read on her blog here.

Reeti has been also been doing her internship at a literary magazine called La.Lit since November 2014. Reeti works on research and attends and writes about events related to literature and art in Kathmandu for the blog. She also assists with administrative tasks such as monitoring emails, producing, distributing and preparing meeting minutes as well as delivering publications. ‘I have learned some important communication skills such as creating a pitch and ways to communicate professionally with clients’, she shares.

Some of the highlights of her internship include attending the Sarah Lundberg workshop where she learned interesting facts about children’s books and their illustrations. Reeti also got a chance to become involved with the only slam poetry group in Nepal, ‘The Word Warriors’. Reeti eventually plans on opening up a mediahouse. She adds, ‘Getting an opportunity to work at La.Lit really gave me a clear idea and hands-on experience with how media houses function”. Overall, she believes her internship has been extremely rewarding.


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