Spotlight on 2014 LEADer Aagya

Aagya Khanal is a 2014 LEADer who is currently studying management in grade twelve at Caribbean College. She wants to study fashion design in the future and aspires to become a fashion designer one day. She recalls her childhood memories that fueled her interest in fashion: ‘when I was in grade nine, I was a member of the arts club and we had to design clothes. We had to do dummy sketches, make patterns and design sketches of clothes. That was what sparked my interest in fashion design.
I got goose bumps when I got selected for the Women LEAD course. Our society still holds a negative stereotypical view regarding the arts. My parents were not very supportive of the idea of me studying humanities based on the good scores that I held in grade ten. Although I took up management, I was always drawn towards arts. At Women LEAD, I learned to be who I am. I learned to speak up and share my thoughts. Before, I used to worry about what others might think about my thoughts. But now, I pay little attention to what others think and have become able to freely voice my thoughts. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned from Women LEAD is that if you want to reach your goals, you need to have passion and give it 100%  of your hard work. There’s really no shortcut!” exclaims Aagya with a beaming smile.
Aagya deeply cares for homeless children. She says, ‘I can wear good clothes and get good food. But those children do not have anything. They are children like us too and they should get a chance to fulfill their dreams.’ In the future, Aagya wants to see herself as a renowned fashion designer and wants to open up her own boutique. Aagya says she also wants to contribute some of her future earnings to an orphanage home that uplifts homeless children.

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