Spotlight on 2014 LEADer Alina

Alina Khadgi is a twelfth grader, currently studying management at NIC College.

When asked about the reason for joining Women LEAD, she confidently replied: “I joined Women LEAD because I wanted to make better use of my time. Before joining Women LEAD, I felt like I was not doing anything productive in my life. My life was confined to the routine of going to college and back and I was bored of my monotonous life. I wanted to make my life more interesting—I wanted to experience something new and learn new things.”
Looking back at the sessions that really stood out in the LEAD Course, Alina recalls two sessions specifically. She shares, “Public speaking and active listening have played an important role in improving my performance at school. The course encouraged me to make more eye contact with my teachers and as a result; my interest and performance in the class increased significantly. Before, I had the notion that the teacher made eye contact only with rude students. But after the LEAD course, I learned that making eye contact is actually an important communication skill, so I applied the technique in my class.”
“I also started to feel more confident and started getting positive feedback from my teachers. Active listening also helped me improve my grades significantly. I realized I started giving more attention to the teachers and I was able to recall most of the things that were said in class. Answering questions during exams became much easier than before.” adds Alina. Alina deeply cares about eliminating corruption and gender inequality in her country.  She recalls, “When I went to get my citizenship card along with my father, the man shouted at me and asked if my father was there in person. I know many children today face problems to take citizenship from their mother. The fact that attaining a citizenship is only limited to the father portrays a grim picture of the existing gender inequality in our society.”
Alina also adds, “Women LEAD has given me the awareness to help me choose between right and wrong. Had I not joined Women LEAD, I would have never known that corruption is a bad thing. Sessions like the civic engagement session made me politically aware. I now understand that making a constitution involves a complex procedure. I also learned that it is important to assimilate everybody’s views and mould it into one in order to have a collective consensus”.
Alina conducted the School Leadership Program at New Zenith English School this year. ‘Conducting the School Leadership Program was the best part of joining Women LEAD’, remarks Alina. She adds, “Apart from a significant improvement in my public speaking skills; my communication skills such as the ability to interact with new people have also improved. Similarly, the fact that we get to pass on our knowledge to somebody else feels great. Ever since childhood, I loved being a teacher. I still recall playing the game where I would become a teacher. To be living that childhood dream of actually becoming one gives me immense happiness. Alina wants to become an entrepreneur in the future and wants to start her own company to provide employment opportunities to women.

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