Women LEAD Conducts Its First Out-Of-Valley Program in Chitwan!

Women LEAD ran a week-long Intercultural Leadership Workshop in Chitwan. This is the first time that Women LEAD led a leadership training for young women outside of the Kathmandu Valley.

Participants of the Intercultural Leadership Workshop in Chitwan, Nepal pose for a photo on their final day together.

This post was written by Rija Shrestha, Women LEAD’s Communication Intern

From April 18 to April 22, 2016, Women LEAD ran the week-long Intercultural Leadership Workshop in Chitwan in collaboration with Nepal Youth Development Project (NYDP). This is the first time that Women LEAD led a leadership training for young women outside of the Kathmandu Valley.

NYDP was founded in 2011 by a group of former Peace Corps volunteers from Nepal with the aim to alleviate poverty through education. NYDP identifies and supports well-deserving young women by providing scholarships and enabling students to achieve the highest level of education. Women LEAD’s workshop included sessions such as public speaking, time management, self defense, active listening, reproductive health, youth issues, and identity. A total of 18 girls took part in the program, which included female students from grade 9 to all the way up to their masters level from the Nepal Higher Secondary School. The program was led by our program manager Sonu Shakya, along with Women LEAD intern, Matina Maharjan and 2012 alumni Sujata Khatiwada.

Check out photos from the event on our Facebook page and see what the participants had to say about the program in their own words below!

khusi (1)

A key component of the program was making sure that participants could self-identify as leaders.

“Because of this program, I learned that we, women, should be fearless in any situation, and that we should know about our rights and how to fight for our rights as well as others,” says program participant Khusi. “Everything that I have learned from this program I would like to apply it practically in my life and influence other people,” she said.

bibita (1)

For Bibita, the workshop gave her a place where she felt safe to share her thoughts and be herself. “As a girl, we have many things that we cannot share openly with others,” she told the audience on the final day of the workshop. “But after being in this team, I don’t hesitate to share anymore. I shared and learned a lot here and I learned how to tackle problems. This program gave me the right platform to share my things.”

neerjala (1)

On the final day of the workshop, Neerjala reflected on the impact the program had on her. “The most wonderful thing that I learned here was “Fake it till you make it.” This was a key mantra for me to change myself and it worked. I have participated in many workshops but this one, I will never forget it nor the things that I learned from here,” she said. 



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