Leadership Institute Diaries: A Look Inside the First Day

After selecting 30 exceptional young women from in and around the Kathmandu Valley, Women LEAD kicked off it’s seventh-annual Leadership Institute on International Day of Friendship.

2016 LEADers Sabina (left) and Shweta (right) get to know each other and ask each other why they wanted to join Women LEAD.

After searching high and low for the brightest young women in the Kathmandu Valley, the newest cohort of LEADers came piling into Women LEAD’s office early this Saturday morning for the start of the 2016 Leadership Institute.

The two-week Leadership Institute—which started on International Day of Friendship and will end on August 12, International Youth Day—is the launch of Women LEAD’s year-long LEAD Course. During the two weeks, the 2016 LEADers will take a deep-dive into understanding what leadership is and gain the tools and skills they need to create change in their communities.

Program alumni share advice with the 2016 LEADers

The first half of the day focused on introducing the new LEADers to each other and the larger Women LEAD family. Program alumni shared advice with the wide-eyed LEADers on how to make the most of the year ahead of them.

“Being a part of Women LEAD is a wonderful experience,” 2015 LEADer Puja shared with the girls. “Do not let this opportunity go to waste.”

Throughout the second half, more of Women LEAD’s young alumni took the reins and led

Durng the Power Line-up, 2015 LEADer Bidhyalaxmi asked program participants to rank themselves on how powerful they think they are

sessions for the 2016 LEADers. Recruitment intern and 2015 LEADer Bidhyalaxmi led the “Power Line-up,” where LEADers ranked themselves on a scale from 1 to 10 on how powerful they think they are. She then asked the LEADers to question their current understanding of power.

“Power is our perspective. We are all different. But you have to find ways in which you can use your power,” she said. She further elaborated that power can range from physical strength to empathy.

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2011 LEADer leads an interactive session on time management.

Menuka, a 2011 LEADer and Recruitment Intern, led an interactive session to introduce the LEADers on how they can effectively manage their time during the LEAD Course. During the session, the LEADers divided into groups and brainstormed ways in which they could prevent any current time-wasting habits.

By the end of a jam-packed day, the LEADers were looking forward to what was in store next.

“I want to learn other people’s stories and how they confronted the challenges they faced,” 2016 LEADer Anukriti shared. “And in the next two weeks, I’m hoping that I’ll learn more practical learning and skills that I can apply in my everyday life.”

Women LEAD will be posting regular blog posts throughout the duration of the Leadership Institute. You can view more photos of the Institute on our Facebook page here.


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