7 Signs That You Are A Strong-Headed Woman

This post was written by Shristi Thapa, 2015 LEADer and Women LEAD Blogger


1. You Take a Stand

Not just for yourself but you fight back for everyone who is being oppressed—regardless of their gender—knowing the fact that no matter how strong your point is someone somewhere is always offended. You take a stand for what’s right even if it means standing alone.


2. You Spread Girl Love

Strong women lift each other up. You refuse to waste your time and energy on hating on other women just for “perfect weight” and “perfect skin” because you know they’re all temporary. You believe that a girl must love and respect other girls and bring an end to the girl-on-girl hate.


3. You Have Your Own Queendom

You carry yourself like a queen and wear your confidence like a crown. You love to have a little queendom of yours and treat yourself like a queen and won’t let others treat less. Most of the time, you’re on the driver’s seat doing everything on your own just the way you like it.


4. You Believe that You Can Change Your Stars

You believe that you are the master of your fate and you are the one who has the power to change your destiny. You know that it takes time and effort, and it’s not always easy but you work hard to turn your dreams into plans and carve your future.


5. You’re a Rebel with a Cause

You’re not someone who goes with the flow. If necessary, you are not afraid to be the only one moving in a different path.


6. You’re Decisive

You take quick decisions because a wrong decision is less disastrous than indecision. It’s far better to take bold decisions and risk being wrong than to agonize and be right too late.


7. You Take Risks

You take risks being aware that it’s not always success that you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s failure too but you know that both are equally important. If you succeed, you’ll lead; if you fail, you’ll guide. Later when you take a look back, you don’t want to regret the chances you didn’t take.


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