9 Ways the LEAD Course Will Change Your Life

Are you looking to get out of your comfort zone? Do you want to be exposed to new ways of learning and thinking? Care to challenge your capabilities? If so, the LEAD Course may be the perfect program for you! Look at 9 different ways joining the LEAD Course could change your life.

WFGA-WLEAD Activities-Nepal 2016-Nayantara Gurung (49)
Alumni, board members and staff at the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Women LEAD Nepal.

This post was written by Anukriti Kunwar, a 2016 LEADer and Women LEAD Communication Intern

  1. A platform to unleash your potential

    2016 LEADer Mallika giving her speech in graduation.

    Women LEAD is a platform where you can discover your potential and hone your personal as well as professional skills. Over the year-long program, the LEAD Course will help you harness various skills through trainings conducted by international and national speakers using a hands-on approach. With various sessions which are designed specifically for young girls, you will be exposed to a range of social issues, leadership tips, and networking skills just to name a few!

  2. Be a part of the WLEAD family

    Alum gather together after a successful wall climbing event.

    Once you become a part of Women LEAD, there’s no turning back! The LEAD Course will introduce you to the growing family of 200+ members. All WLEAD alumni are active and inspirational young women in various walks of life, who will mentor and guide you throughout your LEADer journey. Most importantly, they comprise a family that cherishes your success, supports you in every way possible, and welcomes you with a giant hug and a warm smile.

  3. A doorway to opportunities

    Our 2016 LEADers pose in front of a building in Singha Durbar during their Civic Engagement trip.

    Women LEAD believes in exposing our community of young leaders to all forms of exciting opportunities. The exposure don’t end with the LEAD Course–it begins there and carries on for a lifetime. We are committed to helping our alumni broaden their connections and expand their network. Our alumni have gone on to take advantage of links to Wedu, Asian University for Women, Solo Traveler,  and various workshops.

  4. Lifelong engagement

    Aishwarya, 2012 LEADer; Bidhyalaxmi, 2015 LEADer and Tara, 2013 LEADer as our summer interns.

    Your journey at Women LEAD will only truly begin after the LEAD Course. Following graduation, not only will you become WLEAD alum, but you have the opportunity to become a General Member and/or a Board Member of the organization. Several alumni have also gone on to serve as interns and staff at WLEAD. So if you’re someone who thinks long term, this is definitely worth keeping your sight on!

  5. Be the crazy you!

    crazy you
    2014 LEADers dress up for valentine’s Day fancy dress competition.

    At Women LEAD you will find strong, inspirational women, but you’ll also find women who are confident enough to be their crazy selves! Join the troops of dauntless women with a wicked sense of humor who you will accept you just as you are without any judgement. Find yourself surrounded by fellow women who are creative and appreciate the crazy and hyper you without having to worry about being labeled a ‘weirdo’. Who wants to be ‘normal’ anyways?

  6. Find your own role model

    3U8A6971 2
    Menuka our 2011 LEADer giving a session on time management.

    Gone are the days when women backbite, talk about each other, or try dragging others down. It’s the age of motivating and encouraging each other and here at Women LEAD, we believe in spreading positivity and good vibes. With so many genuine, upbeat, and optimistic women, there’s always someone around to cheer you up. The women of WLEAD have been a role model to many of our alumni, it’s a place where you’ll find women who are willing to  go the extra mile to be there for one another. Join and connect with women of substance to spread GIRL LOVE together.

  7. Discover your true self

    Mahima our 2015 LEADer shares her dream for herself and Nepal on a self-made magazine cover.

    Women LEAD is a place where you can learn to love yourself for who you are. The WLEAD family encourages originality and accepts you for your dedication and dreams– not because of your family background or your social status. It is a safe-haven where you can learn about yourself, your personality type, and pick up techniques on handling situations in a way that is best for you. This is where you are given free reign to discover yourself and grow alongside other amazing young women.

  8. Fight patriarchy

    Puja our 2015 LEADer sends her message to every woman.

    Fight like a girl. Run like a girl. Work like a girl. And, smash patriarchy at its roots like a girl! Here at Women LEAD we want each person to know that her voice is a catalyst to changing the world, and YES she CAN change the world. Come advocate for issues that concern you, voice your rights, and stand tall against discrimination with fellow girls and women by your side.

  9. Be a khatarawala LEADer

    I am a LEADer.

    Women LEAD invests one whole year of rigorous training and exposure to help develop young enthusiastic leaders. Be a part of this awesome roller coaster ride and trust us,  in a year you will be more proud of yourself than you knew was even possible. Join Women LEAD and become the khatra LEADer you know you can be!


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